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The Odograph: A Robot Mapper

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An article about the Odograph was published in the December, 1944, issue of Popular Science. At 200 pounds, the Odograph auto-created maps as soldiers navigated towards some objective. I couldn’t locate any records that indicate how many were made (anyone know), but there it appears there are nine jeeps that still have them (based on the latest info I could find). I found a few different references about it over at G503.
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Here’s a photograph of a diagram from an Australia site:

Here’s a copy of the Popular Science Magazine on eBay:
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Here’s a link to magazine on Google

1944-12-robot-navigator-popular-science1 1944-12-robot-navigator-popular-science2

1944-12-robot-navigator-popular-science3 1944-12-robot-navigator-popular-science4


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