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1942 MB/GPW Allison Reconditioned Gustine, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: GPW (Ford MB), MB, Ordnance - Remanufactureing

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

It’s not a great specimen, but this jeep was one of a couple thousand jeeps reconditioned/remanufactured by the Allison Steel Manufacturing Corporation. Learn more about the remanufacturing program here.

“Im listing this jeep for a friend: Very Rare March 1942 Ford GPW World War 2 Jeep. This one is very interesting because its a WW2 Willy’s MB frame stamped GPW 6559. As you can tell by the number its early for a WW2 Jeep. And the date plates on the glove box match the frame numbers of GPW 6559. There is a Reconditioning Date plate on the center of the dash saying that it was reconditioned in Phoenix Arizona on February 1945!

The engine is out of a M38A1 and runs well from what we can tell. It was reconditioned by Ralph’s Machine Shop from San Jose, Ca. in December 1976. The transmission is a MB T84. It don’t shift do to 1 tooth broken off. The inside of the transmission looks very clean. The transfer is a Ford GPW marked.

The front seats are in excellent condition and are “F” marked and so are the fenders(no rust on fenders) and some other bolts on the jeep because its a GPW body. Floors have rust by don’t look too bad. Data Plates are original, one is steel and the others are brass. Rear of body is skinned, original sheet metal is still underneath. Gauges are original except for the temperature gauge. Steering box is “F” marked. We believe it has a M38 gas tank? Front window frame in great shape, inner is in good shape except for the inner center bar which can be easily replaced. Brake system is dry, no fluid. Front and rear of frame need work near the bumpers. Please check out the pictures.

He was planning to restore it but already has one he is working on. One of the Outstanding things about this jeep is the low serial numbers of 6559 and the MB frame stamped GPW! Meaning Ford used Willys frames at the factory. And that the data plates match the frame, all Very Cool. Definately worth a restoration.”




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