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By Jeep to Freedom: Woolf Blint’s Amazing Tale from WWII

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UPDATE 2: This is a hard book to find.

UPDATE: I just finished reading this book.  I was hooked from page 1.  It’s an amazing tale about a man who starts the war in Norway as a Commando whose team is trying to disrupt Nazi attempts to create an Atomic bomb.  Soon, he is fighting in North Africa, where he becomes a POW.  Eventually he escapes and becomes a medic at the Russian front for the Russians as they advance westward.  Some of the details are surprising and unexpected.  While with the Russians he finds a jeep.  Commandeering it, he begins a risky trek westward with a questionable priest. 

Copies of the book can be found:

By Jeep to Freedom on Amazon

As part of the original post, I found this blog entry related to Woolfs jeep journey.


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