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1945/1946 Willys CJ-2A Booklet

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I got a chance to scan “The Universal Jeep”, a thirty-two page booklet published by Willys Overland. It was published by Willys-Overland to educate consumers (and dealers?) about the differences between the ‘war’ jeep and the CJ-2A. One of the sections provides some interesting details about the testing done with the CJ-2s. I’ve included that section below.











2 Comments on “1945/1946 Willys CJ-2A Booklet

  1. Robert Anderson

    Excellent article and a good example of what could be done with these old Willys ! I had a CJ-2A on my small farm and used it a lot…(not near as much as these tests though) and really enjoyed it..Only disadvantage was your sight was limited by sitting so low, making hooking up as well as other viewing a bit difficult when you were working alone.
    Only question in my mind from reading the above is where it states when hauling manure using “low-low gear 4 wheel drive at a speed of 7-10 miles per hour…over an 8 hour day “…
    I don’t think I would push mine that hard all day..
    What you all think ???

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Dave, they didn’t mention in these reports how at the end of the day after they disconnected the farm equipment they drove their jeeps to the local honky-tonk for cold beer and loose women. I’m sure that happened…

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