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Ford GP & the Flying Tigers in Burma

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John spotted this photo on this website from page 29 of the March 30, 1942, issue of Life Magazine. The article covered the Flying Tigers and features some great photos.

Here’s a copy of the magazine for sale on eBay



5 Comments on “Ford GP & the Flying Tigers in Burma

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Not to detract from the story, but…. I find it interesting that it doesn’t have combat rims. Isn’t that the solid style rim (no slots)? Does anyone know when they started using combat rims? Was this style wheel original to the slat grill jeeps?

  2. Terry

    Wheels were mixed, just like the many of the parts of Bantam, Willys, and Ford components. It really all depended on what was available at the time of shipping, but the first wheels were the solids as seen, followed by the combat wheels so they could more easily be serviced in the field. By the way, “Combat” wheels were nothing more than farm implement wheels which were available before the Jeep was.

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