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1953 “C” Sized Blueprint on eBy

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UPDATE: This is back on eBay

“Belonging to my grandfather who was a draftsman and worked for Willys. Packed away for many years. These are “C” sized mylar pencil blueprints. This is original and from 1953 for a copper screen and guard for windows on a Willys. Will be shipped rolled.
Any questions, please feel free to ask.
I DO NOT ship outside the USA (Canada is NOT the USA).”

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3 Comments on “1953 “C” Sized Blueprint on eBy

  1. frankthecrank58

    thank goodness we’re not part of the u.s. we have affordable health care. and our gov’t ( such as it is ) isn’t shut down. might be neat to carry a gun. after all I support every bears right to arms.

  2. Buz

    Yea, those sneaky Canadians can’t be trusted, they slipped a Canadian penny into my change yesterday, they must have planted it on their way down to Florida !

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