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VS-57 McCulloch Supercharger Toledo, OH **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900

Brian forwarded an ad for a Supercharger. It is $900. I don’t if it is a VS-57 or not though.

“Orginal super charger for willys 226 hurricane. Complete with brackets,belt tensioner,supercharger,carburator housing and carb. This unit is off 1957 willys pickup. I have a lot of other willys parts engine,drive train,axles ect.”


supercharger-gibsonburg1 supercharger-gibsonburg2


UPDATE: Still Available

“Nice copy of Mechanics manual for a VS-57 supercharger as fitted to Studebakers, Fords and Willys. 26 pages of text and diagrams. Great for restorations.”



10 Comments on “VS-57 McCulloch Supercharger Toledo, OH **SOLD**

  1. Colin Peabody

    I wasn’t aware that Kaiser Darrins had a supercharger as an option. They used the 90 horsepower Willys F head 161 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine and I don’t think there was enough hood clearance for the blower. If Bob has some documentation that would be great!! Glenn is correct about the 54 Kaisers using the 226 cubic inch Kaiser 6 having the McCullough blower as an option. It took the 115 horsepower rating up to 140 horsepower.

  2. Colin Peabody

    Sorry Bob-

    I wasn’t aware that Darrins were supercharged, but it would have made for a much more powerful car for sure. Too bad there weren’t any photos of the engine compartment. Hope to be seeing a guy this weekend who is into Darrins, maybe he has more info. thanks for the link to the B-J auction site.

  3. Steve E.

    I’d like to have a supercharger in my Willys Wagon, but it’s not in the budget right now. I saw one on a restored Willys PU at the Willys America Open House several years ago. I wanted to install a supercharger on my L6-226 when I saw my first one on a 1940 Graham Hollywood a friend of mine had. He beat a Buick straight-8 going uphill on a car club tour several years ago. He put that pampas Buick owner to shame. (He still has his ’39 Graham Sharknose.)

    I was at a car show a year ago when a beautiful cream colored Darrin pulled in and parked next to my ’49 Jeepster. I didn’t think to look under the hood to check out the F6-161. Now I wish I asked more questions about superchargers.

    I highly doubt that Willys offered a supercharger option in a Pickup or Wagon, but I’m sure you could order anything from the factory. So, I would venture to say that Willys never had superchargers. Kaiser cars did offer them, as well as many other makes. I know a former K-F Dealer. I’ll have to ask him about it. He’s an amazing guy. He’s 93 and still building L6-226 engines for sale. He builds boat motors for his livelihood.

    Let me know if anyone is looking for an L6-226. He has several in his inventory.

    **Steve E.**

  4. kurtlorenz777

    i am looking for a decent running and complete superhurrican 226 engine for my 1957 willys wagon 4×4.
    and i also looking for a overdrive for my wagon.
    additional i am interrested in the supercharger, and if all necessary parts comes with the supercharger all together in a wooden box – ready to use, would be sweet.
    maybe we can make a bundleprice for this?
    please let me know

  5. David Eilers

    Hi Kurt,

    I haven’t seen this relisted recently. It must have sold. I’ve updated the post.

    – Dave

  6. Juan Jirau

    My name is Juan, I’m from Puerto Rico ?? that’s is territory of us ??I have 1964 Willys Truck, so I’m considering the possibility to install
    A Káiser VS-57 on my truck, if anybody have information about availability and price, also I have a remanufactured L226 Superhuricane I paid aproximetly $3,000, that includes new parts, machine shop and the mechanic who ensamble the engine, I am looking for sale it.

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