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Cam Races Priority in this Video

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I just ran across this video of Cam Carter racing the family race jeep Priority. His parents, Tim and Lynette, are friends of mine and were great drivers (probably still are). The video shows Cam is channeling their skills. Tim is in the passenger seat providing occasional advice. It looks like they are running a cross country course at the Monroe Adventure Park.

Priority is a fiberglass Parkette body with a custom link arm suspension. I rode in the jeep on an early version of the suspension a few years ago, but Tim made some changes to it that improved it quite a bit I’m told. It’s powered by an aluminum V8 with about a trillion horse power that feed in a Ford Toploader four speed that used to be in dad’s CJ-5.

Dad had a side shifter installed when he owned the tranny. First and reverse gear were so close. I was learning to drive it on the road when, after stopping at a stoplight during a training drive, I mistakenly put the tranny into reverse rather than first. I nearly backed into the person behind me when I let out the clutch. Dad was in the passenger seat and was pretty rattled by my near mistake (as was I). Fortunately, I had a good grasp of how to use the brake, which averted an embarrassing wreck 🙂


5 Comments on “Cam Races Priority in this Video

  1. Marty tilford

    It is very fast. Watching him race you would be amazed that he keeps it on all 4 wheels with out rolling. If I could go as fast as him I would roll my rig every time. His race jeep is probably in the top 10 to 20 fastest race jeeps around.

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    If anyone can keep it on four wheels it is Tim. Between he and his brother Steve, any time I was in a jeep, race jeep or car with them they were always something to make the drive interesting. 🙂

  3. Bob

    This video is deceiving in that I think it makes the course look flatter than it is. I agree, that thing looks and sounds very fast.

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