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1960 DJ-3A Columbus, GA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500.

(06/28/2013) This looks good. It certainly is a DJ, but I’m less sure that it was a Surrey.

“1960 Willys DJ3A Jeep, in its former life it was a Surrey jeep. It is 2WD. Flat fender jeep. Only 1100 of these were made. Elvis Presley owned one, it is in his museum at Graceland. The engine was rebuilt by Benning Machine shop in Columbus, Ga. There is NO rust, both front floor pans were replaced. They originally had a Surrey top. I do not have the top, frame or original bumpers. I do have the original Wheel covers and front bumper pan. New gas tank, NOS Carter WO Carb, New electronic distributor. Steering does need to be tightened up, a common issue on these old jeeps. Serious buyers only Please, Respond to this Ad or call 706-763-ZeroNineThreeNine, It can be seen in Columbus, Ga.
Go to this website for more info on these jeeps there you can see what the jeep looked like originally.
Make me an Offer, Trades depending on what you have.
If its online, its still for sale. Person to Person sale only.
I will not deal with Spammers. If your response does not sound real, i will not reply.”

1960-dj3-columbus-ga1 1960-dj3-columbus-ga2 1960-dj3-columbus-ga3 1960-dj3-columbus-ga4


4 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A Columbus, GA **SOLD**

  1. Colin Peabody

    Other than the grab handles, I don’t see anything “Surrey” about this DJ3A. It is in very good condition, but without some other indicators, I wouldn’t say this was a Surrey. It is missing the chrome bumpers, front valance panel, footman loops on the fenders, brackets on the top of the windshield frame for the windshield straps, correct taillights, hubcaps, striped top, top bows and the obvious striped interior and spare tire cover. No proof offered that it ever had these items.

  2. Dj Bill

    Alas, the Surrey’s value has caused many to think they own a Surrey when in fact all they have is a common DJ. (Which is still a GREAT JEEP!)
    .Colin said:” It is missing the chrome bumpers,(Actually he front bumper appears to be one painted flat black) front valance panel, footman loops on the fenders***, brackets on the top of the windshield frame for the windshield straps***, correct taillights, hubcaps (seller is including a set but who knows what they came from..weird color on it too), striped top, top bows and the obvious striped interior and spare tire cover. No proof offered that it ever had these items.”

    If a part is missing that only means it needs to be purchased to make it correct again, but, there is no proof offered that those parts were originally there. Parts marked *** above all left telltale holes, but the restoration work done seems to have ignored these hole locations, so it will require destroying the fine finish to see if they were there. The valance is pretty easily damaged and often missing. The rear bumper is not there but, then again, neither is the more common DJ bumperettes, so maybe it had one and it fell off at one point. Those brackets are pretty wimpy.

    What I do not see is the colored steering wheel. Probably a new wheel was used in the restoration.

    Unless one can dig deeper and discover traces of the original Surrey only colors on the body somewhere, or there is some sort of photographic proof from before the restoration unfortunately the provenance of this particular jeep has been lost. It could have been a Surrey, and it is quite plausible that it was one. HOWEVER…it is also quite plausible that it was simply a convertible model. I do not know of any other telltale signs of a surrey that would have endured the compete repaint this jeep got. It does still have the heater hose knockouts so it may have come with no heater, which also adds to the possibility.

    Why someone would go to all the effort to do a frame up and not do it in the Surrey trim and colors I don’t know, especially when they are pushing the Surrey aspect of the jeep in the ad. Perhaps they really disliked the pink, blue and green color options?

    It is still a very nice DJ and probably being sold at a loss if it is as good in person as it looks in the pictures.

  3. Colin Peabody

    I totally agree with DJBill in his assessment. I considered the painted front bumper as possibly having chrome underneath, but didn’t include that originally. But like Bill says, the missing items need to show some indicators that they were there originally to make it a Surrey. Not a bad DJ3A in all other respects, though.

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