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Belgium Entac Jeep

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UPDATE: Michael McGill from the Airforce 462 Weapons Load Crew page on Facebook reports it is not a bomb nor a rocket. It’s a missile (as Bob correctly noted as well), a French Antac MGM-32 Anti-Tank Missile. The US Army used this before the TOW Missile became available.

As I told Charles, I don’t want those rockets/bombs/missiles fired from a jeep while I’m sitting next to the launcher! This is an old photo of from the Belgium Army.


Dummy Entac rocket/bomb/missileentac-bomb2 bomb1

Belgium transmissions group.



7 Comments on “Belgium Entac Jeep

  1. Bob

    Hey Dave, as you know ann and I did the same thing in the Air Force. My guess is that it is some kind of rocket. A bomb is dropped or thrown or planted, a rocket is powered, a missile is a rocket with guidance.

    Either way, I would want to be no where near that thing when it went off!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I thought you’d have an opinion Bob 🙂

    I called it a rocket as I showed it to her. She appropriately scolded me, lol.

  3. STEVE

    there appears to be a wire unroller on the back of the jeep. Would this be an early fly by wire. fins are big on the missile indicating some control.

  4. charles van remoortere

    hi just to explain – i posted this photo’s to david – the cable roller is only a telephone connection – the belgian army long time used the old us field phones connected with wire–afterwards the big walkie talkies (bananas) were used – i do posess the cable roller(fully restored) and the old field phones as well as the ‘bananas’

  5. Mike Fincher

    The Photo shows French Operated Hotchkiss with Entac. Number plate is French not Belgian, French National flag is painted on the rear cross member.

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