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1960 CJ-6 Merrickville, Australia eBay

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This is an odd ad. What’s left of the jeep is in Australia.

“Army Jeep stripped and gutted for a production of the Sapphires staged by The Belvoir Theatre Company Sydney.

The wheels have been welded so they dont turn. It has no engine, no real mechanical parts at all, it is basically a shell. Ideal for a long, long term restoration project or a show piece.

Buyer must pick up.  Keep in mind you will need a truck and appropriate lifting equipment, as the wheels do not turn.”

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1960-cj6-merricksville-australia1 1960-cj6-merricksville-australia2


5 Comments on “1960 CJ-6 Merrickville, Australia eBay

  1. STEVE

    I remember bidding on a wagon that had been used for attention getter in a clothing store. Insurance would not allow any explosives fluids so engine, and tranney were removed. But it did roll so wheel bearing grease was still ok.

  2. Bob

    Wonder if it even has differentials? A lot of theatre companies would put this on some kind of a rack to roll around on stage.

  3. Mark S.

    I once bought a rolling tub from a Banana Republic store inside a mall. Went to the mall at closing time and rolled it right thru the mall. It had been painted OD and had 110V spotlights for headlights.

  4. DJ Bill

    I’m not sure it even has a frame if you look under the front fenders.. It would make a good sign if it is as light as I think it might be.

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