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Willys 6×6 Truck and Camper

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Bob forwarded these photos of a Monster Willys Truck and Camper. These photos were part of a 2010 post at: The vehicle was spotted at Government Camp, Oregon.

willys-camper-truck-6x6-governmentcamp0 willys-camper-truck-6x6-governmentcamp1 willys-camper-truck-6x6-governmentcamp2 willys-camper-truck-6x6-governmentcamp3 willys-camper-truck-6x6-governmentcamp4


5 Comments on “Willys 6×6 Truck and Camper

  1. gordon west

    It must be hard to turn unless those rear axles are steerable. I wonder what the basis was for wanting to build that?

  2. Robert Anderson

    Thanks for posting Dave,
    It obviously does not have a stock engine, as you can see the dual exhaust coming out just ahead and above the first rear wheels on each side..wonder what is powering it ?
    Also is it just me, or does that hood section look a bit extended ?
    In the article I took it from it mentioned that it appears that the trailer parked beside it also was part of the package …
    I really like that monster, and would love to see the Gentleman that built and/or uses it !

  3. Dennis

    My girlfriend and I maybe heading out that way in the coming weeks, might have to see if it is still in the area.

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