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A Jeep with a Golf Cage

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Steve shared this photo and article from the August 1946 issue of Popular Mechanics, PG 113. You can see the entire issue at Google books.




2 Comments on “A Jeep with a Golf Cage

  1. Brian in Fenton

    A fond high school memories.

    Our buddy worked at the local driving range driving an early Ford N tractor with a cage collecting range balls with a front rotating contraption that had rubber fingers that grabbed the balls and released them into a collection bin as it rolled along and the rubber fingers flicked on the edge of the bin.

    Five of us would line up with buckets of balls and have target practice on him in his cage as he drove back and forth. The old Ford had been hit so many times the sections of screen were concave. We would have one eye on the cranky old guy who ran the range and one eye on our buddy. As soon as the old guy turned away to do something or collect money, we would all fire at once. Great fun.

    He later drove an early jeep chassis Zamboni at the local rink. The golf ball target practice followed him there as we would hide in the team bench area after open skate and pelt him with snow balls as he drove around, no cage.

  2. Mike Finegan

    Hillman’s Golf Land ,n Elmwood Park NJ has a Orange CJ3B with a cage; Back when I was a kid in the 60’s, I thought that was the coolest job in the world to drive that Jeep picking up golf balls.

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