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DJ-3A Body Washington, PA **SOLD**

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“Rusty tub I pulled from a DJ3A. I started to patch this thing up, putting in one floor board and getting some metal patch panels, but I ran out of energy.
The Good – has good firewall and cowl, gauges worked, rear floor OK, more leg room than other tubs – I was going to put this a CJ2A project. It has no tailgate – like an MB or GPW
The bad – pretty rusted, I removed both floor pans and replaced one I
I hate to take this to scrap yard, but it is taking up too much garage”



5 Comments on “DJ-3A Body Washington, PA **SOLD**

  1. Charles Tate

    Thanks for posting this ad!!!

    While I’m not near close enough to actually get this tub, come to find out this seller also had a ‘few’ other dj parts left over from a build years ago.

    A casual inquiry led me to getting a heater, a fold and tumble passenger seat and a couple of other things I was missing.

    Also getting the choke cable, light switch, and another 8 speedometer,

    Somebodies got to save these parts from being scrapped….right???

    Keep em coming Dave. I’m still in need of a low profile dry type dj air cleaner if anybody reads this and has one or knows where one is.

  2. Charles Tate

    Me too Dave, me too!!!

    I just tonight learned that this gentleman also has a low profile dj ‘windshield’ for sale.

    It’s the same windshields that are on the dj convertible’s and it’s also the same windshield that are used on the CJ3B’s if anybody needs one.

  3. Charles Tate

    This EARLY 1956 tub no longer exists. I did manage to work out a deal for the most important parts that were left on it before it being scrapped.

    Most important items off of the tub was the entire dash panel with EVERYTHING including wires still attached. A blessing considering that every single one of these items except for a generic key switch had been ripped from my dash when I got it.

    Another thing I badly needed and was able to acquire was the two vertical and the horizontal braces for the solid back panel.

    I’m assuming pretty much the rest will go to the scrap yard and be recycled…..

    …….may it rest in peace knowing that as much of it as possible was salvaged and is going to a good a home……

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