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1964 Wagoneer San Francisco, CA $65,000

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It sure looks good, but isn’t cheap.

“A no expense spared, ground up restoration. Everything is new from top to bottom with better than new panel gaps, paint and general fit & finish. This Jeep has only a handful of miles since completion.”

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14 Comments on “1964 Wagoneer San Francisco, CA $65,000

  1. Mike Finegan

    If this guy can get anywhere close to 65 grand for this Wagoneer; then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I can sell you!!! Where do they get these prices? no body in there right mind will pay anything close to that price. D-R-E-A-M O-N…

  2. scramboleer

    Sure, that’s pricy, but it looks like a well-done restoration. The folks out in Texas don’t seem to have any trouble selling their FSJs. Given that prices in the SF Bay Area are ridiculous for pretty much everything except a burrito, someone just may buy it for $65k. Given the amount of Teslas driving around, there are plenty of people who could afford this.

    Also, the seller (or at least listing agent) is a long-time San Francisco classic car dealership. They sell cool old cars and motorcycles in excellent condition. In the late 1990s, I used to stop by and just drool on the cool cars in the showroom that my factory wages obviously couldn’t afford. The sales guys never made me feel bad and encouraged me to come back.

    In any case, it’s cool to see one as well-done as this.

  3. Bob

    Wow! That’s a lotta dough! Sure is nice though. There was a dealership in Akron, the former KO jeep, that had a brand new one still in the showroom a few years ago. I know at least one reader here who remembers it. It was perfect, but was a horrible pea green.

  4. Merlin

    To me it looks like the standard,” I paid this or somewhere close to this for the restoration so it must be worth that amount.” Never the case. We have a guy here in Maryland trying to sell a WW2 Jeep for $38,000 that is maybe worth $15,000. Seems to have the same mindset.

  5. Mike Finegan

    Merlin. Thanks for “setting the record straight.” With your knowledge and vast experience restoring Willys vehicles You are the one who would know true value.

  6. Dan B.

    Couldn’t agree more. Just because you or I spent $X, that doesn’t mean the market price is even near $X. Cost does not equal price.

  7. Merlin Hanson

    The three P’s of vehicle restoration. You restore because you have a Passion for the vehicle, or a Personal connection. You do not restore for Profit. The antique vehicle gods frown on allowing us to profit.

  8. Bill

    I had a new ’73 – prettiest I’ve every owned. The mid 1970s gasoline crisis forced me to sell it (it like gas stations – all of them). Loved it while I had it.

  9. Pavel

    There’s no accounting for taste… perhaps someone out there might spend $65k to acquire this vehicle. You’d think for that price, it’d be at least a 4 speed and a more sought after model – maybe 5 of them in really nice shape!

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