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Jeeps Flying High

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Sean forwarded these photos. If I had to put a caption to the first one it would be, “TOO HIGH! TOO HIGH! I didn’t sign up for this!




Ford GP. The guys on the horses look a little jealous.


4 Comments on “Jeeps Flying High

  1. dan

    This was the normal means od travel for us and our jeep trailer in 1978. The trailer had an tailgate and was set up for commo. work. I spent many nights sleeping in the center between commo. gear. This is where I spent my 21 birthday. The trail had canvas top on bows.

  2. Alaska Paul

    The twin rotor helicopter is a Piasecki H-21 which was later made by Boeing. It’s powered by a Curtis-Wright R1820 radial engine mounted at an angle in the aft fuselage just forward of the round holes. The A and P school I attended had one and I really enjoyed working on it and learning about it. It’s big, it’s loud and the one I worked on would shoot flames out the exhaust stack when a magneto check was performed. Lots of fun for a bunch of young kids in winter.

  3. Bob

    That’s cool Paul, Kinda similar to the top one. It had the motor at an angle in the front compartment under the pilot.

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