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1964 Wagon Silt, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was 10,500.

This wagon has some updates.

“1964 Jeep Willy nicely done older restoration two wheel drive with a1990 4.0 fuel injected inline six .with a four speed auto transnission. restoration done about 20000 miles ago feels good to drive and runs 75+ mph .and is very dependable”

1964-wagon-silt-co1 1964-wagon-silt-co2 1964-wagon-silt-co3 1964-wagon-silt-co4


4 Comments on “1964 Wagon Silt, CO **SOLD**

  1. Al Masten

    Interesting tail light treatment, never seen any quite like them. I’ve seen and been a passenger in many Willys Wagons, driven only four, two of which were world class restorations, one daily driver and one on its way to being great again but I’ve gotta admit seventyfive mph in one of these rigs doesn’t seem like all that much a great idea. Heck, sixty mph (sustained) on our local roads in NY in my daily driver 1987 Wrangler with new tires and brakes isn’t all that comfortable ! Youth is wasted on the young…

  2. Mike Finegan

    Nice wagon, but yes I agree, at 75MPH seems to leave something to be desired. This wagon was listed on eBay last week; no takers. Although the engine and trans were changed, I wonder if the rear end was swapped out; if not this could account for the low top end speed..

  3. Don Peterson

    I have a 1955 wagon that has the same lights. Anybody have any information on them ? Only second time I have seen them.

  4. Mike Finegan

    If you look closely at the tail lights, I think they are after market add ons. Having owned many of these Willys wagons over the past decades, (1960’s to now) I know how difficult it is to find N.O.S. tail lights. I think a previous owner didn’t want to spend the time and money searching for stock replacements, so these were mounted. Check them out closely; most likely “L” shaped mounting bracket with a Signal Stat (brand name) light typically used in the 50’s & 60’s. as an add on item sold in auto parts stores.

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