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Oscar’s Visit to Colombia

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Oscar Skold was in Colombia last month. He shot these photos for us (at least that’s the way I’d like to think of them).

He reports, “I know most of these are not actually Willys jeeps but nevertheless a very cool encounter while I was visiting Colombia a month ago. They use most of these old jeeps as taxis and you see them everywhere. Unfortunately I didn’t have a camera to shoot all that I saw but these pics gives you an idea what a great country this is to travel around in. We were mostly in the Medellin area and south, down to a town called Roldanillo.”

P1010703 P1010761 P1010780 P1010781P1010664 P1010665

P1010666 P1010667 P1010668 P1010669


3 Comments on “Oscar’s Visit to Colombia

  1. Mark S.

    I like the soft tops on the jeeps, they appear to be made much heavier than tops we are familar with. They appear to be more about function than style, appropriate for a jeep.

  2. Oscar

    Ron – A friend and fellow travel companion on this trip, took a couple of pictures of a CJ3B converted into a mobile espresso bar and coffee roaster. I will try to attach them here, or send them to Dave in an email.

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