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Alex’s ‘Sissy’ Bar Tip

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Alex offered this tip on flatfender passenger bars, aka ‘sissy’ bars.

I see on your site quite a few CJ2 or 3 A and even GPW-MBs with “sissy bars” mounted on the dashboards (see photo of red Jeep).

A few years ago, while teaching my niece how to drive, I was in the passenger seat and she drove off a bridge where we fell 9 feet into a dry creek. I got lightly wounded, no problem. The Jeep survived OK.

And here is my point : if I had installed the sissy bar on the dashboard, I today would be for the rest of my life in a wheel chair with exploded knees, because it is just the right heigth to smash them in case of accident (which is not the case in the CJ3 B or CJ5 as their dashboards are quite higher).

Thus to prevent body harm, I recommend to all those who have these grab bars mounted on above mentioned Jeep’s dashboards to move them higher, onto the windshield (see photo of my yellow CJ3 A), where they actually are much more useful.

1950-cj3a-sisi bar-ok

A bar mounted to the windshield is what Alex recommends.

1950-cj3a-sisi bar

The way some bars are installed.


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