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Jason’s Family’s Jeep Trips through Indiana

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Jason emailed me the other day asking about some wiring specs for a Jeepster. Thanks to Colin’s wiring diagram, his father got a Jeepster running that hadn’t idled in thirty years.

Jason and his family own a variety of jeeps. Each year as a family they take a drive through Parke County, Indiana (Covered Bridge Capital) on Memorial Day Weekend. Sounds like fun! Here are a few pics:

Jeep_1 Jeep_2




6 Comments on “Jason’s Family’s Jeep Trips through Indiana

  1. Colin Peabody

    The one for the VJ2 1948 Jeepster is specific to only the Jeepster and doesn’t include the information for the other vehicles like the 473VJ or station wagons. That manual is for the 1950-51 models. I had one of those and gave it to a buddy who has a 1951 station wagon.

  2. Pascal

    Thank for the information Colin. I buy owner’s manual for my own collection. If you have any in good condition at good price let me know.

  3. vw

    Hi, I’m up in Lafayette. I like turning wrenches on all sorts of machines. Anyway. I have a $2000 budget, I need a truck-ish vehicle. Looking for a Commando Pickup, CJ6, CJ8 (yeh right at that price). I still remember seeing a TV advertisement for the Scrambler back in 1980 and thinking “that is for me”.

    I get down to Turkey run at least once a year. Cheers.

  4. vw

    Forward control or the right scruffy Jeep also of interest… that red on with the flakey paint is choice!

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