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1950 CJ-V35U Northern MS **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Here’s a rare CJV-35U for sale. Thanks to Charles for spotting it. The jeep is also documented at the CJ-V35U page.

This pains me to have to sell this Jeep. I searched several years for one of these. I’ll go into details about the history of the CJV-35U, simply Google it and you’ll get all the info you need. This particular unit is in overall good shape. It was running and driving when I got it off a tree farm in Montana. It had a Buick V6 in it when I got it and was really a poor cobbled together job. It also had 3 heaters in it. The V6 is long since gone and two of the heaters removed. Why do I bring this up? The firewall has several extra holes in it and the floor has been beat out in places to clear the engine. I’ve spent the last couple of years gathering up parts to restore it back to a 4 cyl driver. I have a rebuilt engine, it was to be used as a welding machine engine and has a industrial head on it. It ran great with less than 2 hours on it. I have two extra auto heads to replace the industrial one. I have a new clutch, new gas tank, and on and on. There are way too many parts to list. Windshield and gasket is new. Other than one tailgate I’m keeping all Willys parts go with it. New exhaust system, new brake lines. It has been converted to 12v with a 1-wire alternator. I have the floor sheet metal to repair the damaged area. I’m moving back to Florida in a few weeks and simply have no energy left to do the project. Please understand, the price listed is a fair price and I have no motivation to go any lower or give it away. The input shaft for the tranny had been changed out for one to accommodate the Buick engine. I’ve ordered a new one and expect it today.”

1950-cjv35u-northern-miss1 1950-cjv35u-northern-miss2 1950-cjv35u-northern-miss3 1950-cjv35u-northern-miss4



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