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The CJ-V35/U is one of the rarest military Jeeps ever built by Willys. Ironically, it isn’t a mutated M-38, but rather a mutated CJ-3A, hence that likely explains the model derivation. They were built in 1950 for the Navy and Marines as radio trucks. Essentially, they were modified CJ-3As design to be capable of underwater travel (hence the U at the end of the name). They came with snorkels, extended exhaust pipes, unusual headlight bezels, and 6- or 12-volt generators to power radios; Only 1,000 were built (serial numbers are prefixed with CJ-V3 and numbered 10001 – 11000). The engine serial numbers are prefixed with the letter ‘V’ and start with number 10001.
The G503 forum has a very educational analysis of a CJ-V35/U that wasn’t perfectly
Visit the CJ-3A Page for a detailed article about the CJ-V35/U.

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1949? CJ-V35? Star, ID $12,000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $12,000.

(07/23/2022) Seller notes this is titled as a 1949, but it has a replacement data plate stamped CJV35 10656. I can’t locate anything that looks CJV35-ish.


“Titled as a 1949 Willys could be a 1950 with title #CJ/35-10656. Buick V6, 5 extra tires and rims, roll bar and lots of extra parts. Will not answer texts or email.”

1949-cj3a-star-id5 1949-cj3a-star-id6 1949-cj3a-star-id7 1949-cj3a-star-id8 1949-cj3a-star-id9

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1950 CJ-3A Waco, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9000.

Given the year and the military passenger fender, I checked to see if this was a CJ-V35U. The spare can holder and the tire mount on the back of the tailgate appear consistent with one. However, if it had the correct dash plates, most are missing.

1950-cj3a-waco-tx-6 1950-cj3a-waco-tx-7 1950-cj3a-waco-tx-8 1950-cj3a-waco-tx-9

“1950 Willys Jeep CJ3A
Excellent mechanical condition.
Starts and runs great. Even when cold. Original drive train.
4×4 Works Properly

No power anything.
Good tires.
Nice seats.

Some rust but remaining metal is solid. Gauges work. But speedo is contrary.
Antique tags, so is street legal but mostly used on the ranch.

(Sprayer not included)
You will not find one that runs better than this one.
Have blue Texas title.
Mileage unknown”

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Year? Custom Flattie Norwalk, CA $15,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

The headlight bezels might hit at this being a CJ-V35U, but it also is a pretty big mish-mash of parts. There must be a good story behind this creation. Unfortunately, there is no description provided.


year-custom-flattie-norwalk-ca1 year-custom-flattie-norwalk-ca2 year-custom-flattie-norwalk-ca3 year-custom-flattie-norwalk-ca4 year-custom-flattie-norwalk-ca5

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1950 CJ-V35/U Harrisonburg, VA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** This is a CJ-V35/U.

Not much value here.

“Unsure of exact year. Willys jeep project. No title.”

year-cj2a-harrisonburg-va2 year-cj2a-harrisonburg-va3 year-cj2a-harrisonburg-va4

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1950 CJ-V35U Hawkinsville, GA eBay


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/22/2021) This could use some work, but runs and drives.

View all the information on ebay

“Rare 1950 CJ-V35/U military jeep used by the Marines and Navy, only 1,000 produced. This one is the 552 produced. The CJ-V35/U is one of the rarest military Jeeps ever built by Willys. This would be a good addition to your military vehicle collection.

The Jeep is in good running condition. It has new radiator, generator, exhaust pipe & muffler, carburetor. The Jeep is 12 volts and has the original hood and headlight bezels. Tires are in good condition with little wear. The floorboards have been replaced, but with plate metal instead of replacement panels. The cutout between the 2 seats is where the generator was mounted for the radio.

The passenger side of the jeep needs some TLC. Looks like there was a spare tire on that side at one time. Both cowl side steps have places that has rusted holes. This is the only place on the Jeep that has rust through. The gas gauge and speedometer need to be hooked up. Included in the auction is the original gas tank and hood. Also include is a new full passenger side repair panel plus all 3 manuals for the Jeep. No title will come with a Georgia Bill of Sale.”





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1950 CJ-V35U Fredericksburg, TX $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

(11/06/2020) This appears to be a CJ-V35U, though it has a few mods.


“Our research indicates that this Willys Jeep CJV35/U is one of only 1000 produced and one of perhaps 100 in existence. In 1950, the U.S. Navy contracted the construction of 1000 Jeeps with deep water fording capability and special radio equipment for forward observation duties. Serial numbers ran from 10001 to 11000, making our number 10794 a late production example. The previous owner related that it had been used as a hunting vehicle on his ranch. As such, many original parts are missing, but many remain (hood, excellent headlight bezels, tailgate, etc.). All Naval identification plaques are also present. We recently installed a battery and fuel tank (tank was not original) to get it running, but there are NO BRAKES, making this an ideal project or parts Jeep to be sold AS IS.”

1950-cjv35u-fredericksburg-tx1 1950-cjv35u-fredericksburg-tx2 1950-cjv35u-fredericksburg-tx3 1950-cjv35u-fredericksburg-tx4

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1950 CJ-V35U Oregon City, OR **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Tyler shared this project.

“1950 Willys V35U military jeep.No motor”

1950-cjv35u-oregoncity-or01 1950-cjv35u-oregoncity-or0 1950-cjv35u-oregoncity-or1 1950-cjv35u-oregoncity-or2 1950-cjv35u-oregoncity-or3 1950-cjv35u-oregoncity-or4

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1950 CJ-V35U TwentyNine Palms, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **Sold** Was $3000.

(03/23/2020) The rims appear to have little paddles added to them (stock?)?

“This is a project Jeep. It’s a rare Marine Corps radio Jeep. It’s been modified. It has a Buick V-6 225, 160 HP engine. It has a vintage Warren electric winch mounted to a heavy duty bumper, oversize tires on deep dish rims and an after market removable cab. It has a complete, all new brake system, new aluminum radiator, all new wiring harness and lots of extra parts including a brand new gas tank and all new gauges. If you’re looking for a project this is the Jeep for you.”


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1950 CJ-V35/U Palmetto, GA $10,000


UPDATE: I wondered why the exhaust looked odd. Barney notes, the “tri-flanged tail pipe is for the fording tailpipe that would then go vertical up the back corner … but It should be clamped closer to the frame and not hanging down.”

Not perfect and not the ‘finest one still in existence’, but is a fairly solid example of a CJ-V35/U.


“For sale is the rarest of all military jeeps. The CJ-V35/U was built in early 1950 for the U.S. Marine Corps and only 1,000 units were built. This particular example is probably the finest one still in existence. It is totally solid and rust free. The original engine has been rebuilt and runs well. Brakes have been rebuilt and it has a new battery and a fresh tune up. They just don’t get any better than this one. All of this model had waterproof engine components and were set up for deep water fording. The waterproof starter, generator, and regulator are still functioning perfectly. I have 90% of the fording hardware to go with this jeep. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own the rarest and the best.”

1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga0 1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga1 1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga2 1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga3 1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga4

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1950 CJ-V35/U Gilbert, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000

(09/15/2018) Mike’s selling this rare CJ-V35/U military CJ-3A.


““This is a very Rare 1950 Willys CJV35/U Waterproof radio Jeep. Only 1000 of these were built in may of 1950 for the USMC. This was the only Military Contract Willys Radio Jeep between WW2 and Korea. Only a handful of these survive. These Jeeps were built on the Willys line side by side with CJ-3A’s but were upgraded at the Willys Factory for the USMC Contract to include a deep water fording kit, waterproof underhood components and other improvements that would later end up on the M-38. Included with this Jeep are many hard to find original parts. Tow Hooks, 2 Lifting Rings, Fuel Tank, Tool Box, Fording Kit, Air Cleaner, Floor Mount Generator casting, Headlight Rings, Pintle Hitch, PTO. The Jeep is running and driving and has new brakes installed. This is S/N CJV-10824. The body is all original except the Hood. The Drivetrain is all original including the V prefix engine that was only in this series of Jeeps. The Body is rough but restorable. The jeep runs, drives shifts and stops. Clean AZ Title. Ready to go to a new home. Email me a phone number and i will contact you.”

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1950 CJ-V35U Athens, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $9000.

Could use some body work.

“CJV-35 Drive train rebuilt 2004; 134 L motor; seats re-covered; fresh paint; one of one thousand made in 1950 for USMC, Recon Radio Jeep; lots of extras (wheels, tires, top, doors, steering wheels, gauges etc). Rebuild and service records from 2004 to present.’

1950-cjv35u-athens-ga0 1950-cjv35u-athens-ga1 1950-cjv35u-athens-ga2 1950-cjv35u-athens-ga3 1950-cjv35u-athens-ga4

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1950 CJ-V35 Phoenix, AZ $9500


Looks in good shape.


1950-cjv35-phoenix-ariz1 1950-cjv35-phoenix-ariz2 1950-cjv35-phoenix-ariz3 1950-cjv35-phoenix-ariz4

“1950 willys rare cjv-35 one of 1000 prototypes built for navy and marines. did not restore to original made from ground up as a fun jeep 4cyl. power steering disc brakes 538 military gears warn overdrive. i have many of the original parts for the v-35, if you chose to restore to original condition. detroit true trac front , lock rite rear. fun to drive. very low miles, less than 2000.”

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JP Magazine Article on a CJ-V35/U

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Mike’s 1950 CJ-V35/U was featured in a recent JP Magazine online article and will appear in print as well. He notes the article was very good overall, though there were a couple minor incorrect references.

Read it here: http://www.fourwheeler.com/features/1901-found-rare-military-jeep-cjv35u/


CREDIT: JP Magazine & Jay Kopycinski. As you can see, MIke’s got a nice lineup of CJ-V35/Us.

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1950 CJ-V35U New Waverly, TX $4000


Runs, but is rough.


“For Sale … cjv35 Willy’s Jeep … rare 1950. Only 1000 made … new gas tank and starter … engine runs great … needs a little love … $4000 .. this Jeep sold at auction for over $30,000 .. fully restored … serious inquires only please PM.”


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Year? CJ-3A St. Ignatius, MT $4500


Looks pretty stock. There might be some body damage over the passenger rear wheel well. Could this possibly be a CJ-V35/U?  Note the hooks up front.  It does have the wrong hood for a V35.


“50- 53 willies jeep 4 cyl. willies motor roll bar and tire rack. ran when parked has sat for two years need a little love $4500. o.b.o. clear title”


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1950 CJ-V35U Atascadero, CA $4000


Has some updates. Includes an overdrive.

“1950 jeep cj3a, 289v8,c4,warn overdrive,warn locking hubs, tow bar, full soft top,department of defense tags, bureau of land management tag, very fun to drive. Current reg and pink slip in hand.”


1950-cjv35u-slo-ca1 1950-cjv35u-slo-ca2 1950-cjv35u-slo-ca3 1950-cjv35u-slo-ca4

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1950 CJ-V35U Knightsen, CA $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(03/30/2017) Has some updates, but also has a few critical parts (like the bezels). It’s listed as a 1953.

“1953 Jeep Willys V-35/U, 4×4, 3spd manual trans with hi-lo transfer case, new military tires including a spare, rebuilt engine-new rings, bearings, gaskets, new carburetor, new starter, new fuel filter, new seals and bearings in transmission, towbar included, new jerry can, current registration with clean title. Ready to go!! $5000”


1950-cjv35u-kneightsen-ca1 1950-cjv35u-kneightsen-ca2 1950-cjv35u-kneightsen-ca3 1950-cjv35u-kneightsen-ca4

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1950 CJ-V35U Galveston, TX $3500


I can’t tell how many original elements related to the CJ-V35U are still there.

“1950 willy’s jeep v-35-u #10677 is one of the rarest military jeeps ever built by willys.”


1950-cjv35u-houston-tx2 1950-cjv35u-houston-tx3

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Sunday March 26th: A Military Jeep Kinda Day

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Climbing on Weasels at military shows is allowed, right?? But, Ann said it was a good idea!

Today was another great day of jeeps!

We began the day at Hotel Hovel (aka the Vacation Inn, a run down former Days Inn). It was neither the cleanest nor the best maintained place we’d ever stayed (peeling bathroom paint, linoleum glue stains on the walls, and caulk filling holes throughout), but, to its credit and despite our concerns, it turned out to be a very quiet place to stay. so, we weren’t sorry to say goodbye.


We began in Phoenix, drove to Mesa, then to Sun City, and finally to Palm Springs.

Our morning objective was the Southwest Military Transport show, organized by the Arizona Historical Military Transport Association. It’s President, until yesterday, was none other than our beloved Joe-in-Mesa aka Joe Snodgrass. His reign over the association came to an end in a coup or vote or something like that (or maybe he said he’d finished his term …). So, on Sunday, he had the time to show us around and meet some of the people from his friends. It was greatly appreciated!

The first thing I saw when we walked in the gate were a couple columns of military jeeps.

2017-03-26-smts1I didn’t realize just how many jeeps would be there, so that was a wonderful surprise! The earliest I saw was a slat grille.

There were MBs, GPWs, and at least one Higgins reconditioned jeep, too.


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1952 CJ-3A Tonopah, NV $1000


Is this possibly a CJ-V35U? Note the WWII-like fender. I can’t see any data plates to confirm this.

“1952 CJ 3a. Frame is from 48 2a. Lost interest and need it gone. Have most parts still to make a full jeep again. ”


1952-cj3a-cjv357-tonopah-nv1 1952-cj3a-cjv357-tonopah-nv2 1952-cj3a-cjv357-tonopah-nv3 1952-cj3a-cjv357-tonopah-nv4


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1949 CJ-V35U Truckee, CA $3000


UPDATE: Still Available. It’s been confirmed this is a CJ-V35U

(07/20/2015). The serial number of 10882 falls within the first and last CJV-35U (#10883 was a CJ-V35U).

“Willys CJ3-A flat head 4 cyl.
Engine runs well. new clutch kit. rebuilt transmission. and transfer case
Mostly original. 12 volt. larger fuel tank, oil filter changed to a spin on.
33525 miles show on the odometer.”


1949-cj3a-truckee-ca1 1949-cj3a-truckee-ca2 1949-cj3a-truckee-ca3 1949-cj3a-truckee-ca4


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1951 CJ-3A Red Rock, NV $2300


UPDATE: Still Available.

Appears to have a gpw/mb passenger fender.  *Might* be a CJ-V35U.

“I’m thinking about selling my 1951 Willys. It runs the drive shaft is broken it’s been running on four-wheel drive, the wind shell is a Cj3b so that doesn’t work. But I have a clean title”


1951-cj3a-redrock-nv1 1951-cj3a-redrock-nv2


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1950 CJ-V35U Port Orchard, WA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

(08/18/2014) It is a project.

I have in my possession a 1950 willys cjv-35 (no title), these are a rare military jeep, 1000 of these were made in 1950 for the navy they are a military jeep they are a combination of the MB, M38 and CJ-3A jeeps
There are less than 100 of these left that are in conditions ranging from restored to a pile of parts
I also have a motor for it the motor is missing a few parts but I believe I have all the parts for it, the motor was running when pulled but was burning some oil and probably needs to be rebuilt (it is not the factory motor).these jeeps were designed to be water proof i have the air filter, oil filter and cross tube. the front and rear differentials, hood, and windshield have all been under cover until last week when i assembled the jeep. The front differential has new axels. The body has some pretty bad rust but the sides are in good shape. 
The steering column is not factory

with it comes a 1947 cj-2a frame with front and rear differentials, the frame is in decent shape and has been under a tarp for the last few years.
I would love to see this restored, unfortunately I need to sell these to help pay for school and I have another project that takes priority. please contact me with any questions!
i get home about 5:00pm weekdays and am free on weekends”

1950-cjv35u-portorchard-wa1 1950-cjv35u-portorchard-wa2

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1950 CJ-V35U Palmetto, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $8500

This is worth a closer look. This is CJV3510609

“For sale is a 1950 Willys military jeep, model V35/U. It has been mechanically restored and just needs some light cosmetics. It cranks great, runs great, and stops straight. They just don’t come along any better.”

1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga2 1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga3 1950-cjv35u-palmetto-ga4

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1950 CJV-35U Minden, NV **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5000.

(07/02/2014) I didn’t realize this was a CJV until I saw the serial number. The paint job is a spackle or speckled type of some kind. CJV35 – 10218

1950 Willy’s Jeep. 4×4, Manual 3 speed flat head Willy’s 4 cylinder. Odometer is 03480 and believe it is actually 103,480. Strong runner. Good condition and deep tire tread. Brakes pull to the right. And, Jeep needs adjustment for high altitude or tune up.”

1950-cj3a-minden-nv1 1950-cj3a-minden-nv2