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Year? Custom Flattie Norwalk, CA $15,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

The headlight bezels might hit at this being a CJ-V35U, but it also is a pretty big mish-mash of parts. There must be a good story behind this creation. Unfortunately, there is no description provided.

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8 Comments on “Year? Custom Flattie Norwalk, CA $15,000

  1. Brad

    HOLY MOLY! “It’s a jeep thing” don’t even begin to cover this one. But you’re right, got to be a great story behind its life.

  2. Bob W

    I think you may be right David, it looks like a CJ-V35 to me. Headlight guards, fuel tank, tailgate, trailer socket, bumperettes, too many items to be a coincidence.

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