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1978 Car and Parts Magazine Article on Jeeps

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David found this article on the history of the jeep in an issue of the September 1978 issue of Car and Parts Magazine.  It a rare photo of the four-wheel-steer Bantam BRC-40 that was once owned by Checker (Bill Spears has lots to share about the Checker/Bantam). It very well could be the one in the post below.

1978-09-carsandparts-0 1978-09-carsandparts-1

1978-09-carsandparts-2 1978-09-carsandparts-3 1978-09-carsandparts-4 1978-09-carsandparts-5 1978-09-carsandparts-6 1978-09-carsandparts-7 1978-09-carsandparts-cover




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