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Korean War Era Photos in Germany

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Dennis shared these photos of his ex-wife’s grandfather, Tom Provateare. He’s pretty sure these were taken while Tom was stationed in Germany.

IMG_0001 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0009

IMG_0010 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0019 IMG_0020


9 Comments on “Korean War Era Photos in Germany

  1. Joe

    Very nice M38’s!!! The under hood painted stencil (Cost 2162.00) caught my eye. My ’51 M38 had a similar stencil painted on the inside center area of the windshield: Price $2039.44 which means that these jeeps were not cheap even 63 years ago. Thanks for posting the pics…..

  2. Brett

    Great pics. My ’51 M38 came back from Germany, maybe one of those is it. Highly unlikely but you never know. 😉

  3. JW

    Th price of the Jeep was painted on there to remind Soldiers what they might have to pay if they drove Uncle Sam’s vehicle like it was a rental car. Posting the price in a military vehicle was not unique to M38’s or to the Army in Germany, it was done off and on for years throughout the Army.

  4. JW

    I had look up the relative cost of that M38. I looked at prices for 1955. The average cost of a new car in 1955 was $1900. A new CJ3b cost about $1600.

  5. Joe

    Contract costs were marked on vehicles (especially jeeps) at the discretion of the unit C.O. in an effort to stop abuse of govt. equipment…..

  6. Dennis

    Learn something new everyday! Glad I sent these pictures for Dave to post, now I know why they had prices painted on. Thanks.

  7. Brian Skrabutenas

    The third photo from the top might be my jeep that I’m restoring. I found all these photos on the willys M Jeep group page and found one photo that you don’t have. it matches the last four hood numbers 20919839. I’m trying to match up the hood numbers of a different photo and the hood latch is kinda blocking the number 1 of the numbers. do you have any original b/w photos of these and or to get in contact with the owner to verify hood numbers? my M38 has no vin plate and I have no history of were my M38 was in service at.

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