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Knardly Rolls gets Busted — Sort of

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Most of you are familiar with Paul’s stainless M-38 project that’s going on its 26th (?) year (He’s almost done). However, according to the City of Miami, the project is roaming the streets of Florida. I’ll let Paul explain.

For many years my friends have been asking me when the stainless Willys would be back on the road. Thru the years I tried to offer an accurate estimate of when I thought (or hoped) the Willys would be back together but as each deadline passed I realized my completion plans were wildly optimistic. Until today.

I just received official notice from the United States Post Office that not only is my Willys runnable, but during the first week of May 2014 my Jeep was cruising southbound on Biscayne Boulevard in Florida!

How cool is that? I feel like a putz, I had no idea I was finished with my long term rebuild but I can live with that. What really bothers me is my Willys went cruising without me, geeze after all I’ve done for my Jeep I’m quickly cast aside like a used kleenex when it’s time to play. Unfortunately my Willys had a bit too much fun and ended up running a red light. I know things happen and all that but now the city of North Miami wants me to send them $158.00 just because my little Willys turned renegade. There’s even an official photo recording this illegal event. Zowie!

I’m sure this ticket is real, it’s from: City of North Miami

Intersection Safety Program
PO Box 22091
Tempe, AZ 85285-2091

If that’s not enough to convince you I’m supposed to pay the fine to: City of North Miami

Payment Processing Center
PO Box 742527
Cincinnati, OH 45274-2527


And best of all the official driving infraction photo doesn’t show a Willys, the vehicle isn’t green (the old body color was OD but the local DMV called it green) and the license photo shows a different license plate design that what’s on my Willys so what’s an owner to do? I feel so cheap and used. I gave this Willys the best years of my life, I ate the cheap cuts of macaroni so I could purchase the parts necessary for rebuilding my Jeep, I stayed late in the garage ignoring friends just so I could have quality time with my Willys and this is what I get? My innocent Willys has turned Renegade and left me for a good time in sunny Florida so here I sit staring out the window watching fresh snow being deposited on the mountains!

My heart is broken, I’ll never be able to trust my Willys again. Yes I heard the often repeated stories about how your Willys will turn on you, how the good times will roll until someone better comes along but I didn’t believe this. I told my friends my Willys was different, my Willys is loyal and my Willys would never get into trouble. I’m so ashamed my Willys is like all the rest, just out for a good time and forget about everything else.

A word of warning to all who read these words…

Your Willys will get you into trouble!

Thank you

A very sad Paul Bierman


8 Comments on “Knardly Rolls gets Busted — Sort of

  1. Flyingfish/Marc

    Never mind Paul, time heals all.

    On a lighter side, the weather’s better there.

  2. CraigInPA

    Don’t forget to send them an affidavit stating that the plate isn’t yours (and likely from another state) and the car is not a stainless Willys, as yours is. If this was me, I’d include a picture of the Willys, the license plate, an invoice for $25 for responding to them, and a statement that further civil damages may be due should the matter continue. Note that the City is paying a third party to run this red light camera, and that company is NOT shielded by “sovereign immunity” and can be sued for negligence. Yes, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a penny from them, or have to sue them, but they take matters seriously when you aggressively respond and point out their incompetence.

  3. Leo

    If i see correctly, your Willy’s is even pretending to be a convertible Rolls Royce !
    What a poser after all youve done to get it to that all stainless shine and glory !

  4. Al Masten

    bill them for $158.00 for time spent replying to this outrageous charge and tack on $2,500.00 for mental strife and anguish and tarnishing the reputation of your vehicle and likely diminishing its resale value. THEN question the ancestory of the people involved. Just because it’ll be fun.

  5. glennstin

    This will cease being fun if Paul ever finds himself involved with a traffic ticket problem anywhere connected to this computer. I bet this will be a nightmare getting this citation out of a nationwide network. What a mess we’ve allowed. Good Luck.

  6. Colin Peabody

    Check out the name of the issuing Officer on the bottom of the notice..”Stanley Steril”! Somebody’s idea of a joke, no doubt, but I hope Paul can get this handled by someone other than a garbage in garbage out computer! Usually these have a photo of the driver as well, which this one doesn’t have. Good Luck Paul!!!

  7. JW

    Paul better just let me take care of that sweet little stainless M38 for awhile. I’ll make sure it stays in the garage at night and doesn’t runn-oft to Florida causing trouble and such. 🙂

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