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Eric’s DJ Salad with a side of Olive Drab

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Eric bought this DJ-3A in July of 2013. He describes the jeep he bought as a salad of jeep parts. He’s spent the last year transforming this rough jeep into a great looking parade and play jeep. Nice save!

You can read about his build on Facebook:

eric-dj3a-before-photo eric-dj3a-after-photo


3 Comments on “Eric’s DJ Salad with a side of Olive Drab

  1. Eric Kalamaja

    Thanks for the post. Still needs a few more ingredients. The culmination was actually getting it 100 miles to the D-Day Memorial and 100 miles back home. It’s maiden voyage. Only had 5 miles on it before the trip. Fuel pump died pulling into the Memorial and a fellow jeeper had one there. The generator died on the way home but I got home safe and sound.

    I ride I will remember for life and well worth the time.

  2. Eric Kalamaja

    Just went back through my build site. I had the Jeep in July but didn’t start working on it till September 30, 2013.

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