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Hank’s Dual Wheel Adapters

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UPDATE: I have not heard from Hank in a while. Unless I hear otherwise, I don’t believe he’s got these for sale. This is informational only at this point.

Hank created these at his shop. He writes, “Thought I would show everyone my dual wheel adapters that I made at our shop. I got the dimensions from a friend that had a pair and sold them. They fit the front and rear and they have right and left thread lug nuts.May not be original but they are twice as strong, will do the job and don’t look half bad.”







45 Comments on “Hank’s Dual Wheel Adapters

  1. Eric

    The dual wheel adapters look very nice. I am looking for a pair. I have a 1970 cj5 trencher I am going to restore and I am missing the duals. do you sell the adapters you make?? Thanks Eric.


    bonjour je recherche un magasin dans votre pays pour commander un adapater rim combined pour une jeep cj 5 (cournil en France
    avez vous des adresses de magasin
    cordialement jean deleaz de France

  3. kevin vacirca

    interested in converting my 98 tj wrangler into dual wheels front and rear- how do I contact hank or can he be given my contact info thanks kevin

  4. Ted Navelski

    I worked as toolmaker for 20 years, can tell a real nice job. However your picture shows the standard tire reversed when mounted. The original hickeys adapters were not. I have seen others mounted this way, wondering if the length is different or the individual does not know. Some examples seen have real dually wheels and dana 70 axles for the heavy duty applications and may be mistaken for reversed rims. Are you selling any and what price.

  5. wbrianiii

    Is Hank selling these, and if so, how can I buy a set? Duals would look real sweet on the rear of my FC-170

  6. David Eilers

    Hank’s never mentioned to me that he was making these. I’ve not heard from him since he sent these examples.

    – Dave

  7. kevin vacirca

    ok im gonna try this again- looking to get 2 pair of these adapters made- want to do a dual wheel set up- front and back on a 84 dodge ramcharger 15 inch rims with pizza-cutter 9.50×15 super-swamper tires- if anyone here knows of any one making these adapters PLEASE contact me thank you in advance!

    kevin 845 546 7470

  8. Hank

    I really didn’t get much response when I sent in those pictures. I was hoping for a good response so I could sell 20 sets. I sold the only extra set I had. I should have looked more often to see if there was anymore interest in the adapters.
    It does make a difference the way you mount the out side wheel because of the back spacing.

  9. David Eilers


    There are several parts dealers who might be interested in buying a couple pairs. We might be able to generate an interest in 20 sets. If that’s of interest, drop me an email and we can chat about it (

    – Dave

  10. Kevin

    Hello Hank
    How does a person get a set of these for my willys?
    What would a pair cost?

  11. Charles Bonanno

    Has anyone or does anyone know how to get in touch with Hank regard the dually spool adapters.


  12. David Eilers

    Hi all,

    I have not heard from Hank in a while. Unless I hear otherwise, I don’t believe he’s got these for sale. This is informational only at this point. If he does offer some for sale, I’ll send everyone an email.

    – Dave

  13. David Eilers

    I haven’t heard much from Hank lately. I don’t know if he’s still interested in making more sets or not. I’ll check with him when I get a chance and see.

  14. David Eilers

    Hi William,

    I’ve got no answer for you at the moment. I haven’t seen a set of any type of adapters for sale in the last few months.

    – Dave

  15. David Eilers

    Hi Sandy,

    I haven’t heard back from Hank in several years, so I doubt he will respond.

    – Dave

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