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1948 Willys Overland “Stordor” Bodied Van

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Here’s a rare look at a Willys Overland Chassis with a StorDor body (see late 1940s brochure at bottom). What’s unusual with this van is that at some point it was turned into a motor home. While this former laundry van’s current fate is unknown, Larry, the former owner, has shared some information about it. He writes:

I had an old van registered as a Willys Housecar from 1948. Body was on a 2T frame and was modified with a Chevy inline six. Boy do I miss her…I had to leave her in shambles ten years ago

I was told that an old man in Moorpark, Ca. had custom built the interior and as seen on the exterior, the most probable “Bakery” in blue and with imagination, “To your door” showed up on the driver’s side through the house paint that is flaking off, suggesting that she was once a bakery delivery van. The previous owner had received it as a joke some time before I got it in 1980. I don’t know if it even exists anymore. She was dependable but scary with the feeling of tipping ever present like the willies you’d get in a CB or MB of, say, 1940’s circa. 

On another note, I had a friend who had a 1947 Ford van similar to this Willys I owned and it had a grill in the bell shape as mine was.

You can view all the photos of Larry’s old Van here:

1948-california-body-stordor1 1948-california-body-stordor2


You can just make out the “Willys Overland” signature on the speedometer.



13 Comments on “1948 Willys Overland “Stordor” Bodied Van

  1. Bird

    I just rescued a 1947 Willys Overland Stordor van that has not been restored or altered in any way EXCEPT it has no engine or transmission though I have both lined up. It’s still sporting the 1953 California plates with the updated year tags on it. It needs it all BUT all is there in terms of the door handles speedo light etc. Anyone have any more info on these cool little vans please let me know!

  2. Larry Gomez

    Any particular questions you have, I’ll try to answer. I had to give mine up in 2002 and I haven’t seen it since but maybe I can help.

  3. David Eilers

    Bird, there just isn’t a lot of info out there on these rigs. I’m positive Larry has as many insights into this vehicle as anyone, given he owned one. (thanks Larry).

    – Dave

  4. bird

    Progress continues with a solid running engine and transmission sourced out of a refurbished 1947 Jeepster that was being modernized. Just can’t find ANY more information on the company that bodied it or other vans surviving. There is a coffee company in San Francisco that has a nicely finished body that has been transferred to a more modern frame and power supply.

  5. Johnnie

    I have a 1948 chevy willys overland I can’t find any other at all. I am converting to a camper. I was told only one that drives in existence. not registered at moment. but I scored.
    parts well there so hard to match up its crazy. but my sis is manager of Napa so I find them with her help God bless her.
    was wondering the value for it or around about figure as I can’t get a answer from anything I read..
    ty johnnie…

  6. David Eilers

    Hi Johnnie,

    I have only seen a handful of these sell over the past decade. Pricing/valuing them is very difficult because 1) there are so few and 2) each has been customize a little in some manner. Since you are modifying yours, I suspect it won’t be worth much until you complete it. At that point, the value will depend on the quality of the work and drivability of the vehicle.

    One fairly stock 1948 package van recently sold for about $5600 (that was the list price). You can view it here:

    I know of another one package van that is part of a custom refurb, but that one will likely not be completed anytime soon.

    I hope that helps,

    – Dave

  7. Johnnie

    ya I stuck a 318 v8 in it drives great but got a break seal leak last time we drive around town. fix it soon. inside has stove heater an fridge with sink an 40 gallon fresh waters. soon it will have a toilet sink shower all in one. almost done figure mid summer. bell grill tho..

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