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WWII Bodies and Parts Weatherford, OK **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Not sure how much value is here.

I have a Willy’s FrankeinJeep body tub, fenders, hood, grill, and windshield for sale. Body tub was a MB but someone cut and welded on a civy front end, windshield and grill are also civy. Fenders and hood are off of a Willy’s MZ2 which was a USMC radio Jeep it was built in 1944 according to my research. I wanted to build a rat rod out of it but I have another project that needs funding so this one is going up to help with the cost of the other. I do have the MZ2 body but it is in really bad shape if you want it or other parts I have a few things that can go with it, for a bit more then my asking price, however I do not want to part out the main body I feel it is worth more as a whole for a crawler or rat rod project or even a restoration project. I am willing to wiggle a bit on the price but not much so no low balling I know what I have and what it should be worth and what I could get parting it out. I will not ship this or any parts out I will help load them up however none of it is heavy 2 men can handle the body easy enough. 

Other parts:
CJ2 trans/tcase tcase is locked up but the trans shifts 
CJ2 left and right fenders
I do have a few things off my other project that I intend to sell later and they are a cj2 frame and axles and a few rims 3 civy “Daisy Duke” rims I call them and a few military.”



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