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1978 DJ-5 Stafford, VT **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $2500

This is a ‘left-handed’ DJ.

I am selling a 1978 jeep dj-5 “supervisor edition” as it is a left hand drive jeep and not a right hand drive like most others which makes this pretty rare. also this jeep is pretty solid!! the frame is perfect!! I have been driving it and it is a real fun rig and turns heads everywhere!!the only reason I am entertaining selling this is that I really need a truck and already have another jeep…it needs 4 tires,and 1 very small hole in the floor board I said I have put over 700 miles on this.. it has all new brakelines,wheel cylinders,master cylinder,exhaust,front brakes,alternator and battery,and radiator,and im probably forgetting some stuff. $2500 or exciting truck trades…. also this has 37,700 ORIGINAL miles!! straight 6 engine automatic transmission”



3 Comments on “1978 DJ-5 Stafford, VT **Status Unknown**

  1. Mike Finegan

    I remember a few of these left hand drive supervisor DJ5A’s running around NJ. Very rare indeed. A guy I worked with had one and used it for newspaper home delivery. They were perfect for this type of work. The Post Office in their infinite wisdom sold the right & left hand drive for the same price, so the left hand drive always was the first to sell. That’s back in the days when you could buy direct from the Post Office; then some bureaucrat got the “bright” idea not to sell Post Office vehicles, but to scrap them; and we wonder what happens to our taxpayer money…

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