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1951 M-38 Plymouth, MN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: WAs $2500. **SOLD**

It’s got some floor board holes and more issues.

We used it up around our cabin for many years. We sold the cabin three years ago and brought the Jeep home and put it in our barn. We now realize that while it is very cool – we aren’t going to use it.

The bad:
– The driver and passenger floors have rust holes. They are from before we owned it. They have been primered and are not rotting. The Jeep has been garaged for the last 10+ years.
– The front passenger fender is bent.
– We tried to move it last year and while it did start and run great – we found the clutch plate rusted to the flywheel. We’re not sure what it will take to free it.
– It pops out of 2nd if you slow down without holding it in gear.
– I gave about 30 seconds of effort to start the jeep this year and had no luck. No fuel was getting to the electric fuel pump. Looks like the rubber lines might be cracked and the pump is sucking air or could be something else. We’re hoping to find someone who likes to tinker with that stuff to sell it to.
– The steering is not tight

The good:
– It did drive into the barn where it is parked and we were driving it on the road at the time
– It is in good shape overall – far from a basket case
– It has warn winch
– It has a cargo rack on back
– All of the original army plaques and tags are present
– It shouldn’t take too much work to get it back on the road
– It is a ton of fun, gets attention everywhere it goes and until we stopped using it, was very reliable.”

1951-m38-plymouth-mn2 1951-m38-plymouth-mn3 1951-m38-plymouth-mn4


3 Comments on “1951 M-38 Plymouth, MN **SOLD**

  1. Ryan McDonald

    I love this jeep. It does look like a great project car. I live in CA and am wondering how much it would cost to ship it here? Do you have any idea? I live in El Dorado Hills which is right next to Folsom. Is there any other rust anywhere else on the car?? Thanks,

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Ryan, I believe it would probably cost about $1000 to ship that to California. In my opinion, for the cost of the jeep and shipping, you can get a much better deal in California. There are many rust free jeeps there.

    – Dave

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