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Love Tractor and Hydraulic Lift System

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Speaking of Hydraulic Lifts, the Love Tractor Company (or perhaps more accurately Love Industries — I’m not clear on the difference) made a lift and also sold a willys-engine powered tractor.

According to the Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors 1890-1980, by C.H. Wendel, Love Tractor offered model J51 that was built around a Willys CJ-2A engine. This may have been a repurposed Empire Tractor, because at least one source suggests Love purchased eighteen Empire Tractors when Empire dissolved. Anyone know more about the ‘Willys’ Love Tractor?


Standard Catalog of Farm Tractors 1890-1980, by C.H. Wendel

Love Tractor also created a hydraulic three-point lift system. At is a page devoted to the lift. At the Farm Jeep site is a scan of the brochure.


The February 1947 issue of Popular Science has an article on the Love Hydraulic Lift System distributed by Newgren.


There is also an article about the Love system and Newgren in a 1949 issue of Farm implement news – Volume 70 – Page 56.


One comment on “Love Tractor and Hydraulic Lift System

  1. Bob

    Lonnie “CheepJeep” Deweese knows much more about these than I do, but the love lift was available for the empire tractors as well, and is very close in looks and operation to the Newgren lift. Lonnie has one with the Love lift on it. In fact, I believe the Newgren lift was an update of the Love lift.

    I think the Love tractor was larger than the Empire. I have seen both and if I remember right, the love was quite a bit larger, maybe 150% the size of an empire, but I have never looked to see if they are built the same. I’ll have to do that next time I see a love tractor.

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