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Monroe Hydraulic Lift Brochure

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This Monroe Lift Brochure arrived while I was on vacation. It’s a great little brochure. The FarmJeep page has information on the Monroe lift, including this Monroe lift parts list.

Also, if you’ve never visited Clint Dixon’s Dodge Power Wagon Monroe Lift page, it’s worth a look. There he has some detailed drawing of the Monroe Lifts. He also has a great photo page that shows a Dodge Power Wagon and the Monroe Lift using different implements.

monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual1 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual2 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual3 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual4

monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual5 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual6 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual7 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual8 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual9 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual10 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual11 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual12 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual13 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual14 monroe-hydraulic-lift-hitch-manual15




6 Comments on “Monroe Hydraulic Lift Brochure

  1. Bob

    I knew they made them for power wagons, but have never seen one. Gotta be a rare thing to find.

  2. DanB

    I didn’t know I was bidding against YOU! Let us know ahead of time and you won’t have to pay as much. 🙂

  3. Lew

    Those of us who have grown up with farm tractors grew to appreciate a certain level of robustness in their design and construction, to withstand the long life of a true workhorse. Hence you can still find many age old tractors with plenty of life remaining. Not many of these around any more. Anybody have any experience with these, or were they merely a marketing novelty?

  4. glennstin

    That “MONROE LIFT _ PART BY PART” page I’ve had duplicated and laminated for my Willys Booth at Hershey and Stowe, VT. For the last few years I’ve had them at The Great Willys Picnic also. It’s perfect to check on accurate parts for these Monroe Lifts which have so many hard to find parts.

  5. Jake

    Any chance there are tech specs around for the Monroe lift? Specifically, I am trying to 3D model this and could use the size dimensions/measurements. Any ideas?


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