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1942 Popular Mechanics “Miracle on Wheels”

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This November 1942 article from Popular Mechanics titled “Miracle on Wheels” featured the jeep and shared some of the success stories from its use internationally. You can read the entire issue on Google or purchase a cheap copy off of eBay

1942-11-pop-mechanics-miracle-on-wheels-pg82 1942-11-pop-mechanics-miracle-on-wheels-pg83 1942-11-pop-mechanics-miracle-on-wheels-pg84 1942-11-pop-mechanics-miracle-on-wheels-pg85 1942-11-pop-mechanics-miracle-on-wheels-pg86 1942-11-pop-mechanics-miracle-on-wheels-pg174


3 Comments on “1942 Popular Mechanics “Miracle on Wheels”

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Interesting reading, thanks David.
    This 1942 article said that the gas tank was under the rear seat. Was that true in regards to the earliest models?

  2. Don

    I want a better view of the extended wheelbase ambulance. It might be a good idea for a very badly rusted tub.

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