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PTO Parts and More Storrs, CT


Ted’s got a huge collection of PTO parts and more for sale. You can reach him at:
860-428-3265 or
ted-pto-parts14 ted-pto-parts13 ted-pto-parts123

I have a very large collection of items for sale if anyone is interested in certain items feel free to email or call with your needs or items your looking for . If anyone is looking to add a large collection of stuff to there inventory I would be open to offers on my entire collection ,alot of it is not pictured as it was too heavy to be moving around !!!
Some of whats included is as follows
Dual wheel adapters
excellent set of original side steps
Complete Monarch Governor
Novi Governor
Excellent condition Pierce industrial Governor
About two dozen single stick rear out put PTOs Spicer , Ramsey ,and even a super rare Koenig model
Right angle belt drive Drum Pulleys
Right angle belt drive (minus the drum)
Rear gearbox out put shafts 5 or so
A few PTO drive shafts 4 atleast
Monarch HY-LO Jeep plow pump and reservoir units 8 to choose from
Tons of misc Willys Jeep factory approved plow parts and components
Very rare Hornet Willys Jeep compressor head
2A windshield frame ,very good condition
Atleast 6 PTO driven winches  (sorry no Ramsey model 50s for you m38guys)
One koenig king winch
one very rare Ramsey front mounted Crank Shaft driven winch complete with everything needed
Also have a completely restored Koenig brand steal half cab in excellent condition w/ period correct locking handles
there is a factory model 27 power lock unit there and I have a model 44 rear with 5:38 gears also with a factory power lock

There is tons more that I just couldnt fit into the picture and as mentioned if anyone is interested in my entire collection I’m open to offers . I have been collecting this type stuff for a long time and its time to thin out my collection a bit ,one things for sure in that its kinda like land .They just dont make it anymore!!!

I will send pics of top to anyone interested although it is listed locally and is mentioned in a previous ad for a 48 cj2a farm jeep I am selling

ted-pto-parts10 ted-pto-parts9 ted-pto-parts8 ted-pto-parts7 ted-pto-parts6 ted-pto-parts5 ted-pto-parts4 ted-pto-parts3 ted-pto-parts2 ted-pto-parts1


51 Comments on “PTO Parts and More Storrs, CT

  1. Ted

    I would like to update on some of the items sold as of this morning .
    Side steps , TwinStick PTOs ,Single stick dual output PTO,
    Dual Wheel Adapters ,but I may be listing another set. I will try my best to get some pictures posted of the front crankshaft driven Ramsey Winch and Koenig Half Cab for sale also.Feel free to contact me on either number and if I am not available I will return all calls .Regards Ted

  2. Niels Pedersen

    I would be interested in a dual wheel adapter set. Niels (310)502-five three three five.

  3. Boomer in MN

    Clean parts will sell; nice job Ted! I’m always amazed by folks trying to sell vehicle or parts grease covered or full of trash/brush. {I know, DuPont overhaul etc.} but still…

  4. Ted

    Hey Niels , the first set of dual wheel adapters didn’t hang around very long ,but I will keep you posted if I decide to sell my last set . I just want to see what happens with my farm jeep that is listed . Thanks so much for your interest
    Best regards

  5. Ted

    Hey Boomer ,Thanks so much for the nice compliment on my parts !!! I know what you mean . Its kinda like looking at a part or vehicle on Ebay or Craigslist with no picture in the listing . Nine out of ten times I just roll right by it without thinking twice. Ive been collecting Willys and related parts for as long as I can remember and it’s time to let someone else enjoy this stuff!!! Plus I’ve finally figured out it’s impossible to work on a bunch of stuff at once!!! Thanks again

  6. paul

    HEY there interested in your 27 frontend with the power locker also the 44 rear end . What kind of price we lookin at Thanks

  7. Steve Wright

    Hi ! Do you have a Ramsey roller fairlead for the PTO WINCH FOR SALE. Thanks. Steve.

  8. chandra

    hi i am from india i want to attach a pto on my jeeps so plz can you update the list what you have now so that i want to buy bunch of them plz update me with pics to my email expecially single stick rear out put PTOs and if you have hole pto set that will be great

  9. Dan Martin

    Hi I’m looking for a roller fairlead for my mx200 ramsey pto. It has a 14 in drum. Do you have one? Or know where I can find one. Thx…

  10. Ted Jordan

    Hi Dan sorry , the roller fairlead was one of the PTO related items that went quickly .I will certainly keep my eyes open for you and let you know if I come across another

  11. Matt Betry

    Good morning Ted-

    That is a great collection! I’m restoring a 52 CJ3A w/ a PTO set-up and am looking for a driveline (w/ flanges) and the flange off the rear gearbox. Do you have these available?
    I look forward hearing from you.
    Thank you, Matt

  12. Laurens Rottiers


    I am looking for the original parts of my Ramsey 50 Winch:

    – PTO 105
    – 3 U joints
    – 1 small shaft
    – 1 Lock
    – Hooks + chain + cable

    I’m going to marry in my willys jeep M38 the 25th of august and I have to finish my jeep, but I can t find those pieces …
    Could you help me please?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards,

  13. Ted Jordan

    Hey Eddie , sorry unfortunately no parts for the ever allusive M38 Ramsey 50 model winch and pto setup.

  14. Eddie d. Scott

    I have a Ramsey 50R pto in great shape, I also have a Koeing (king) 100 C that I was looking for some parts., it is PTO as well. It does work, I have the shafts

    Need to talk to someone, I also have a couple levers for the transfer case, but Ramsey

    Feel free to call me. Eddie. From 10:00.AM. Till. 10:00. PM

  15. Ted Jordan

    Hey Rob , I will check but don’t think so. That would be a twinstick for a CJ5 or 2A-3A correct?

  16. Michael Smith

    Looking for a winch to fit a 1955 Willy’s wagon with the PTO & drive shaft if possible or the length of it. If you could please let me know thank you Mike

  17. Herbert M Troelstra

    Dear Sir,

    In the Netherlands a friend of mine restored a CJ-2A jeep and even has succeeded in mounting a pto drive at the back of his jeep but he is missing the right angle belt drive with drum pulley.

    Do you happen to have one and what would be the price and shipping costs to the Netherlands?

    Best regards,

    Herbert M Troelstra


  18. Troy Oney

    Finishing out 1951 CJ3A, looking for rear mount PTO and Drive line. Do have or know where to purchase


  19. Rob Carson

    Hello, what are you willing to sell the right angle drive off the rear gearbox? Ultimately looking for the right angle drum. Thanks!

  20. mark hoover

    I am looking for information on the rear PTO setup. I currently have a model 10 Koenig unit. I am looking for information on the driveshaft and gearbox. With regards to the gearbox, how many splines and what is the size shaft. Also what are the PTO gearbox speeds in rpm and what is the rated HP. looking for manuals as well.


  21. Jose

    Looking for a PTO For my 1946 cj2a.
    The part looking is the one in the back , a cylinder and the attach to the back part.
    Let me know if you had the part and price.

  22. Rob Carson

    Hi, I’m still looking for a drum for my rt angle drive.
    I was wondering if you have come across any more?

  23. Ted jordan

    Hey Mike , I do believe I have one correct rear shaft for a CJ5 left and a few rear output shaft gear boxes as well. You can reach me through an email at or my cell # 860-428-3265 The first number in the post is my land line which isn’t a good option to catch me.

  24. Shawn Penny

    Hello Ted. I am looking for an adjustable governor for my cj3b. Do you have anything?


  25. Claudius Masiero

    Acho formidável essa sua especialidade e sua organização com as peças. Ótimo!
    Sou do Brasil estado de Mato Grosso, por acaso vc tem o Rolo da tomada de força willys 1951

  26. Claudius Masiero

    I think this is your specialty and your organization with the pieces. Great!
    I’m from Brazil state of Mato Grosso, you happen to have the PTO Roll willys 1951

  27. Keaton

    I would like to know if I could look into a full pto set: rear geer box, driveshaft and a single stick pto drive

  28. Clint Jeffrey Poppler

    I am trying to get my hands on a rear pto unit and shafts for my 69 willys. If you have anything please let me know. Thanks Clint

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