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The First Set of Pics — The Southwestern Utah 1961 Trip

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First published (03/24/2011): A reader named Alan found these these classic jeeping images from the Four Corners area of the Southwest while scanning some slides, taken while on a jeep trip in 1961.  Not only are the colors wonderful, but quality of the shots are fantastic.  The slides came from Alan’s father-in-law and the CJ-3A, the yellow jeep in image 2, was his father-in-law’s father’s jeep.   I will publish a couple more posts with more pictures later this week.

When I lived in Utah, I used to travel down to the Moab area, find a piece of slickrock (similar to the type of rock the jeep below is traveling down), throw my sleeping bag on a flat surface, and fall asleep under the stars (and there are lots of visible stars down there).   At sunbreak in the morning, the light would cause the slickrock to turn intense reddish colors.  Southern Utah is one of my favorite places to explore.

See additional pics here.


8 Comments on “The First Set of Pics — The Southwestern Utah 1961 Trip

  1. Richard

    Great Pics
    I’ve been doing cellular and other radio work for a long time. The sites are always in the highest spot…a few I can mention are @ Kings Canyon, Colorado…a hill I wasn’t too sure of up or down, especially looking down on the highway when a width of my thumbnail would cover a large tractor-trailer rig going by below; Labato Mesa, New Mexico, a 25 mile off road excursion that was covering US Forestry & Indian reservation, and my wife & I didn’t know about the large ants(complete with a red fur coating), after they were discovered crawling around the living room in Memphis when they came out of a volcanic rock we brought home.
    I think there is a good reason why most Jeeps for sale on here are predominately out west.
    thx for posting your great pics

  2. Bill

    These pics are fantastic.

    Autumn yellow wheels (on pasture green) are a very, very flat yellow in these pics. I like that.


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