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Joe’s Topeka Highway Mower

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Joe just picked up this rare Topeka Highway Mower last month. Joe would love to find a soft door setup like is shown on this Topeka.

Topeka like these were assembled with jeep parts. I’ve updated the Topeka Mower info.

topeka-mower-joe1 topeka-mower-joe2 topeka-mower-joe3 topeka-mower-joe4 topeka-mower-joe5 topeka-mower-joe6


14 Comments on “Joe’s Topeka Highway Mower

  1. Bob

    What;s the motor in that? Also, I’d think it’d be easy enough to make a soft cab for this thing, that and a heater would be nice. Looks in great shape too

  2. Joe

    The motor is a flat head 4 cylinder Continental “Red Seal” motor. I am working on a canvas style soft top with doors and a electric style heater is in the works as well.


  3. Marty

    I would like to add you to my Topeka Hiway Mower Owner list. Please contact me at 636-458-4402

  4. Tom Perendy

    Joe I have one very similar to yours in WI as well. Just finished frame off mechanical restoration and up graded front breaks to 11″ self adj. Has a soft top made by Amish family with NAPA heater. Wanted to squeeze an auto transmission into it ( all I do with it is plow snow ) but would have had to lengthen frame and did not want to do that.

  5. Joe DiMaggio

    I am thinking of selling the Topeka. It is just sitting, if anyone is interested let me know.



  6. Matt solie

    How much does a Topeka hiway tractor like that weigh? Or any idea of the gear ratios in the axles?

  7. Tom perendy

    Rear axle ratios in mine are 5.03. I have never weighed it but they are heavier than they appear

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