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Australia NSW Library Photos from WWII

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Cam found these photos in the State Library Archives of New South Wales, Australia.

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3 Comments on “Australia NSW Library Photos from WWII

  1. Joe in Mesa

    I love these old pics. Thanks for sharing, Cam. Detail is amazing: in the third pic (2 GIs on muddy road), you can see the imprint of the springs showing through the canvas of the seat backs: wow.

    I also thought the first 4 photos would be good for a “make up the caption” contest.

  2. John Hartman

    For Joe in Mesa.

    We followed the big truck off the main highway from the bar and he ran into a tree. We all got stuck.

    We will finish fighting the war when they finish the bridge.

    Hey soldier, your place or mine.

    Sorry about the fourth one. I am not racist, and cannot be funny without sounding that way, about leaving the neighborhood.

    We are way ahead in the war, let’s just do it this way.

    Every time I ride on the hood I get carsick.

    We’re gonna steal some sweet corn and put it on the Barbie tonight.

    Thanks to Joe in Mesa. Now I have to apologize. I have no disrespect for people from Australia, or anyone else for that matter. In fact I have a great deal of respect for the engineering and mechanical feats Australia and New Zealand accomplish from such a seemingly small area and population.

    Just for instance The Americas’ Cup and Burt Monroe. No ill feelings intended towards anyone, just humor.


  3. Joe in Mesa

    OMG… LMAO. Well done, John.
    The only one I had thought of was the second pic:
    “So you’re really gonna jump this river, private Knievel?”

    And that 5th one isn’t a jeep pic… it’s a “need a jeep” pic.

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