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Swedish CJ-3A Jeepen Brochure

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I may not be able to read this brochure from Sweden, but I like the pictures :-). I guess no one else on eBay could read it either, which is why I got it for next to nothing.

swedish-jeep-brochure1 swedish-jeep-brochure2 swedish-jeep-brochure3

swedish-jeep-brochure4 swedish-jeep-brochure5 swedish-jeep-brochure6 swedish-jeep-brochure7 swedish-jeep-brochure8



3 Comments on “Swedish CJ-3A Jeepen Brochure

  1. peter

    i like the closed cab at the bottom of second page. that snow plow looks a bit ambitous with the flat four.

  2. Pascal

    I guess this is the part “You wouldn’t understand!” in the sentence “It’s a Jeep things!”
    I’m sure you felt like a kid and you enjoyed the pics only.

    About the snow plow, well we have bigger one in Canada! Lol!

  3. Oscar

    Delightful brochure.

    “Pröva själv” means “Try yourself”
    Dave, if you’d like anything out of this brochure translated, let me know! Wouldn’t mind a scanned copy myself 😉

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