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1959 Maverick Wagon Twin Falls, ID **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Lots of mods. The ad includes pics of the restoration.

“The owner purchased this Jeep in 2012 with the hope of enjoying this classic car. It was already restored when he purchased it. He always kept it garaged and maintained, but unfortunately didn’t use it as much as he thought he would. It now needs a new home.”



One comment on “1959 Maverick Wagon Twin Falls, ID **SOLD**

  1. Gordon West

    Very nice looking – but I gotta wonder why neither door is closed tight. (I have been biting my tongue on all the other doors-ajar that have been posted…). I have trouble believing that it is common to photograph Jeep wagons for sale with the doors not completely closed, unless there is a problem with them… just sayin’?

    A few years back I bought a ’58 Mercedes 180D that was nothing special. But what most impressed me was how the doors still closed – the lightest touch results in a solid “thunk” with no freeplay, even with old not-very-pliable gaskets, almost like there is a powerful magnet in the works.

    Somebody should come up with an aftermarket version of the Mercedes latch for old Jeep wagons and pickups, and get rich!

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