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More Pics from Charles

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Here’s a bunch of photos Charles forwarded. Ann, I and the boys just returned from a two day trip to Olympic National Park. The story and pics on Thursday.

Rm06 Rm07 Rm08 Rm10 Rm11 M201blindee01

Mailly03 Mailly02 Mailly01 Mailly05 Mailly06 Algerie03 Algerie01 Algerie02 Algerie06 Rm05


6 Comments on “More Pics from Charles

  1. Kerry

    That pretty high tech night vision device he has. Definitively a lot better then my ITT G3. Never seen a Night Vision mounted that way, but how did he get a permit for that model?

  2. Bill

    Need some description, a write up. These seem to be 2 or 3 unrelated groups of photos The last with the rocket launcher which doesn’t look to be Willys at all. The whole last group might be foreign. Kerry you might know more on this then I, who is the ‘he’ you mention and who would he get a permit from?

  3. van remoortere charles

    hi bill i forwarded these photo’s – most of them are willys(hotchkiss) in the french foreign legion -the jeep with rocket launcher is a willys -willys where used (cj3a) in the belgian and french army with entac rockets

  4. Joe in Mesa

    I thought Kerry was referring to the owl (Nature’s own NVGs) on the blackout lamp 🙂

    Great pics. I wonder how much “back blast” those Entac rockets produced: did they torch the jeep much or did that housing contain the blast effects?

  5. mmdeilers Post author


    Think of these photos as my backup plan for when I run light on time. I’d prefer to share them with information, but I don’t always have the time to research their roots, find links, etc. I will continue to share them, thanks to Charles, in blocks when I need a night off.

    Happy New Year!

    – Dave

  6. Kerry

    I was referring to the owl on the fender. Who is the he, that be the Fed’s and all the states also have laws about possessing owls also. Not sure if owls fall under the Falconry Law if they do you have to study under some else for a long time first , then catch your own.

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