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1949 Wagon Kokomo, IN Make Offer

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Seller would like an offer and/or trade for Willys truck. The wagon is disassembled.

“I have a 49 Willys Wagon I am wanting to get rid of. I was going to go street rod with it, but have decided to build a Willys Truck instead. This is an extremely clean Wagon. I have the history and it went through a restoration in the 70’s. The only body work I was planning on doing was replacing the floor pans in the front. They had been replaced but not correctly. There are no dents to repair and no rust on the body. The glass has been sourced for original glass and is not replacement. Some trim pieces have also been sourced. It has the flat head four engine, planar front suspension, three on the tree, and the factory OD which is cable activated.

I have the wagon almost completely disassembled now, but bagged and tagged everything that I took off and stored in a tote. I was getting it ready for media blasting. The only thing left on the body to come off is the drivers door, some of the dash and the steering column. This is almost a paint and reassemble resto or paint and build up street rod. I don’t have the greatest pics of it right now, but these are right before I disassembled and as I was disassembling. Make me an offer, but don’t low ball me. Remember, a am looking for a Willys truck and know what people are asking for Willys that are rusted buckets and have been sitting outside for 30 years.”



4 Comments on “1949 Wagon Kokomo, IN Make Offer

  1. mike

    Well, a 1949 wagon wouldn’t have the 1 piece glass tailgate window and squared off rear wheel 1/4 panels & indented flush mount taillights.
    Once again a Willys vehicle misrepresented. Another unfinished project, most likely with a unrealistic high price. I for one will set the record straight and email this guy to see what he has to say. This is how we do things in New Jersey.

  2. Colin Peabody

    The squared off rear wheel openings are also give a ways to a later body. Can’t see the dash in the photos, but it appears to have the 50 and later small round speedo and lower gauge cluster. The front end sheet metal is definitely 46-very early 50 as would be the flat 4.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    FYI: This was listed back in 2011 for $3500. It had been disassembled at that time. I believe it was sold to the present owner about then.

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