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Vintage Jeep Camping Photos from 1959

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Over at I found the below photo taken by Marvin Patchen. Marvin took a variety of older photos that have landed on the pages of FourWheeler and JP Magazines (or perhaps just online).


Frank M. James CJ-2A. Photo taken by Marvin Patchen.

Last year Verne Simons published three articles at Four with jeep camping photos. The photographer for some of these was Marvin Patchen. Apparently some were also published in a 1959 Motor Life Magazine article (I believe it was April 1959 — I will know for sure soon). There are some great photos. Click on the links below to see them.

Photos from the first two links were taken during a Chuckwalla Jeep Club Trip from Hemet to Borrego Springs.

Part 1: (Eric Rickman photos)

Part 2: Marvin Patchen photos)

In an article titled “Old-School Camping Extravaganza” from September 2014, Verne shares some more photos.



One comment on “Vintage Jeep Camping Photos from 1959

  1. mike

    Look at those white wall tires, considered very cool on a Jeep back then. Candid shots like this capture a true sense of the time it was taken, something that’s been lost in today’s digital photography.

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