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1964 M-677 Gray Court, SC **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $33,000

This M-677 has been crossed with a 2006 Mitsubishi truck chassis.

“You are looking at a One of a kind 1964 Jeep setting on a 2006 Mitsubishi chassis with a 4 cylinder Turbo engine with 16,000 original miles and automatic transmission!!Yep, you read that right!! This is a 1964 Jeep, forward control M-677 Truck……she is sitting on a super straight frame that can be easily stretched. It is set up to haul a 5th wheel with its 8 foot western hauler bed, has an electric wench on the front, Tilt cab, cruise control, tilt wheel, ice cold air, a stereo system and even has reclining seats!!

The original Mitsubishi instruments and wiring were used during the construction. It was then taken to the local Mitsubishi dealer and checked to make sure everything was like it was supposed to be. It is titled as a 64 Jeep so the taxes and registration are a lot less than a 2006 Mitsubishi. She can do it all!! We are selling this vehicle for a customer who custom built this beauty. He informs me that he had close to $45,000 in the truck when he finished it. It would be a super truck to put a roll back bed, or a ramp car hauler bed on. You will certainly not meet yourself at a traffic light. I will consider a serious offer or an interesting trade. Give me a call so we can talk about how we can make my truck yours.”

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12 Comments on “1964 M-677 Gray Court, SC **Status Unknown**

  1. Steve E.

    Cool Truck! This is the epitome of “one of a kind”. Plus it has it all. It has everything many FC owners are trying to achieve: Tilt cab, diesel engine, winch, dual rear wheels, flatbed, custom interior. It’s just missing a wench. (Ooops, I forgot. These are not chick magnets.)

    **Steve E.**

  2. gordon west

    I had a Mitsubishi FG for about 15 years (1992 – 2007), it was a great truck (sold it because I needed a bigger truck). I can’t tell if that’s what the chassis is, though I don’t know of any other Mitsubishi one-ton 4WD.

  3. mike

    Amazing how long this has been for sale. Beautiful truck, well done, but a lesson well learned. TIME PLUS MONEY DOES NOT ALWAYS EQUAL RE-SALE VALUE.

  4. gordon West

    I think the front has been “stretched” between the grill and windshield – for more legroom, I suppose.

  5. Steve E.

    I was also wondering why they extended the front end of that thing. It changes the whole look to it.

    If I had $45,000 burning a hole in my pocket, I would ask myself, “Should I buy this M-677 for $33K, or the FC-150 listed below for $44K?” After thinking about it for about six seconds, I would conclude that I would rather have 45 FC’s in the condition that mine are in. (lol)

    **Steve E.**

  6. Adam

    What became of this cool looking cabover? It obviously sold, but where is it now? Anyone know?

  7. Mike

    This one has gone around a number of times, at that asking price, I would venture to guess it didn’t sell.

  8. David Eilers


    I agree with Mike. I doubt it sold for the asking price. I haven’t seen it listed (on Craigslist) in a while.

    – Dave

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