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Topeka Mower Spanaway, WA $600

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Dennis spotted this modified mower. It doesn’t run.

“Old cool Topeka County mowing machine. Does not have the mower attachment anymore. Selling for my pops. He used it at his RV repair shop years ago to pull trailers around and then gramps used it for his auto repair shop.
Has not run in about 7 years so not sure what it would take to get her going. Has hydrolic ram on the back that lifts a crazy bar and chain set up that gramps used to pull motors from cars with. Also has big tube setup on front had a crank winch on it but not anymore.
Think it’s a jeep flat head 4 cylinder motor. Jeep front and rear axles not sure the size. Not sure what tranny and transfer case are in it.
Was going to use it for yard art but not anymore.
It’s a cool old unusual little machine.
Could probably get it running with not a whole lot on work or just use the parts off on it.
Selling for what it’s worth in scrap so $600.00 OBO
Pops has a title for it somewhere. Thanks for looking.
If it doesn’t sell in week or 2 it’s being put on my trailer and down to the scrap yard so if ya want it let me know.
Sorry I don’t know more about it but honestly who would. never seen another one like it!”

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One comment on “Topeka Mower Spanaway, WA $600

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Seems like a great price on a cool project. I hope someone buys this: it would be a sad waste it this thing gets scrapped.

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