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Mini-jeep Body Fort Lupton, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

Not to scale, but still might make someone a fun project. Thanks to Roy for spotting this one.

“I have an unusual project for you!
hand built or homemade mini jeep body….
this is all steel and is 36″ wide by 68″ long
great start to a custom build, put this on a lawn tractor or use atv components for a true 4wd build.
Imagine the time this took to build, unknown history, possibly from lakeside or elitchs???”

mini-jeep-body0 mini-jeep-body1 mini-jeep-body2 mini-jeep-body4


4 Comments on “Mini-jeep Body Fort Lupton, CO **SOLD**

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Why get a power wheels when you can get raw steel. Cool start to a unique project

  2. Idaho Todd

    Ya Chris… didn’t you just have another kid? Get this and you won’t have to buy a power wheels for each one because they broke. Don’t make me tell everyone about the 1/3 scale full custom kitchen you built the kids. Oh yes , it even has the sink, fridge, cook top, soft close doors and drawers and a full dinette set…

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Great looking start to a project but A. I don’t have an extra $650 for a toy right now (darn it) and B. I liquidated all of my racing mowers and parts when I moved to AZ from NJ 🙁

    C. That is AWESOME about Chris building a 1/3 scale fully appointed kitchen WITH soft close doors: seriously??? I’m so very impressed 🙂

  4. Minnesota Chris

    Thanks Joe. I’m a custom cabinet maker. I built my little girl’s custom kitchen a few years ago for Christmas (came after her full bedroom set). My wife always jokes how my daughter got her kitchen before hers. So then Todd and I did a full remodel on the kitchen (wall removal, chimney removal, electrical, plumbing, flooring, cabinets, etc). Then for last Christmas my little boy got a mini workshop. With soft close add ons, drawers for his tools, peg board to hang items and even a real vise. Not sure what to do for the new baby yet. It’s a lot of fun

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