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Topeka Highway Mower Northwood, IA $1000 obo

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Dan forwarded this for a friend. You can contact Dan for more information. It appears in good shape. The data tag lists this as a “special” model, but what’s special about it is not clear to me. It hasn’t run in years but had new rings put in before it was parked.

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One comment on “Topeka Highway Mower Northwood, IA $1000 obo

  1. Idaho Todd

    You know, if a fella had a lot of (pasture) mowing to do, this is a pretty good deal. You could barely get a new craftsman riding mower for this much cash. That sickle bar is at least 6′. A little rider is 42″ in this price range. Rough cut mowers are insanely more. Take the sickle off and add a plow for snow in the winter…

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