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1967 Jeepster Commando St. Louis, MO $48,000

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Mark listed this low mileage Commando at

“This beautiful 1967 Jeepster is owned by Just Jeepsters, the leading experts on Jeepsters. You will not find a better specimen of a Jeepster that is more original than this Jeepster. We have owned over 100 Jeepsters and this is the lowest mileage (6,073 miles) most original Jeepster we have ever seen. This Jeepster was originally owned by a Jeep dealership (Hoffer Morton) in Wisconsin, the dealership shutdown in 1980. The owner of the Jeep dealership lived next door to his business, thus the reason for the low millage. The Jeepster was sold last year by the widow when the dealership owner passed away. We have the entire history on this Jeepster and the documentation showing the mileage. This Jeepster has original date coded marked parts, even the original date coded bias ply tires are still on this Jeepster. Not only is this Jeepster the rare convertible, it has a white and blue color combination that we have only seen on one other Jeepster. This Jeepster is a museum piece and a true example of Jeep history. With the Just Jeepsters experience comes the guarantee of knowing you are dealing with experts on Jeepsters, we only specialize in Jeepsters and preserving their history. We provide our customers comfort of knowing exactly what kind of Jeepster they are getting. As far as condition, this Jeepster was well preserved in a heated garage by the original owner. The paint and interior are in excellent shape and original. It has a dealer installed pin stripe. Minor maintenance was performed once receiving but the original date coded parts have been kept. You will not find a more original Jeepster that has been guaranteed by a Jeepster business that only specializes in Jeepsters for over 25 years.”

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6 Comments on “1967 Jeepster Commando St. Louis, MO $48,000

  1. peter

    Hey everyone does anybody know if that continental kit on the rear of Jeep is an option or an aftermarket piece ? Man thats an expensive honey I bought another jeep!

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