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Barnum-Perry Buys 4 Jeeps

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This 1943 photo from the Denver Public Library’s digital collection shows that these elementary school children were busy. They helped purchase 4 jeeps! There are several other photos from the same event.



3 Comments on “Barnum-Perry Buys 4 Jeeps

  1. Kerry

    I love the kids sitting on the fenders, hood and standing up while the jeep is moving. The good old days, when were told “it stop bleeding in a few hours ” which was quickly followed up by ” you better stop crying or I give you some to really cry about” dam the emergency room !

    Can’t get away with that any more -, but at least the little kids in front would be low enough for the jeep to pass clean over them after they fell off , so they did put some thought it this…. Now we just need more beer
    sorry can’t stop laughing

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I agree. When it comes to how kids are treated today verses then, times have changed.

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